Queens Interfaith Hunger

In many ways our longest-standing “hands on” mission project is the summer Interfaith Food Drive, which our church began about 15 years ago. The food pantries tend to run dry in the summer, so that’s when we and 8 other Forest Hills congregations conduct our biggest food drive. We not only urge every member to bring a shoppping bag full of canned and dry goods, but we send volunteers to sit outside neighborhood grocery stores, and ask shoppers to buy us a can or a box, too! It works! Food goes to the Queens Interfaith Hunger Network pantry.

World Service Food Box: The containers seen in the breezeway are meant for donating food to the Jamaica Food Pantry. Different types of food donations are requested each month.

Food Drives: The Forest Hills Community Food Drive is held annually to help the Queens Interfaith Hunger Network which is a project of the Queens Federation Of Churches. Food is provided year round to the borough’s undernourished through food pantries & soup kitchens many of which are housed & not homeless. For every two that receive meals, one is turned away due to lack of resources!

For more info go to http://www.queenschurches.org/Programs/QIHN/QIHN.htm

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