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“God, the best maker of all marriages; combine your hearts into one. — William Shakespeare

Wedding Celebration
We are pleased that you are considering The Church-in-the-Gardens to exchange your vows. We earnestly believe the covenant celebration of marriage is a unique and special bond between two people of any gender. 

Church Rental Services
Church rental includes services provided by our Minister, Wedding Coordinator, Musical Director and Custodial Crew. It does not include use of our reception facilities.  Please contact the church office at, 718-268-6704, for more information or to schedule a tour of our facility.

The Music Director will play additional pieces for an additional fee per piece.  Sheet music for these pieces must provided by the wedding couple if not in the common repertoire.  A soloist is also available for singing a special musical selection.  

The wedding fee’s balance, plus any additional musical, technology and reception rental fees, must be paid by check no later than four weeks prior to your wedding.

All checks are to be made out to The Church-in-the-Gardens along with the wedding date and time. Please include your name and telephone number. Mail all information to the church to the attention of the Wedding Coordinator. All weddings must be booked with a minimum two month's notice.

Live streaming services are available, for an additional fee, to include family and friends who can't attend the ceremony.  

The standard wedding music includes a 10-15 minute prelude, two processionals, a piece for the lighting of the unity candle, and a recessional.  Other musicians may participate in the service.  All music selections must be appropriate for a religious service and meet the Music Director’s approval.  See below for a list of common selections.

Wedding Coordinator
Acting as your liaison with the church’s facilities, the coordinator’s responsibilities include scheduling date and times of the wedding rehearsal and ceremony, receiving payments and answering any other questions you may have.

Special Considerations
Flowers: The wedding party is responsible for hiring a florist. Please instruct the florist that no tape or tacks are to be used within the sanctuary. Flowers and bows must be secured with ribbons, strings or rubber bands. All decorations will be removed immediately following the ceremony by the custodian.

Photographs: Live photography during the wedding ceremony is permitted only during the processional and recessional. We recommend that professional photographers re-pose the wedding party after the service.

Videotaping: The church permits videotaping during the ceremony but the videographer must stand to the side and have specific approval of the Minister.

Runner: The church does not provide runners for the center aisle but you may bring your own and arrange to have it removed after the service. It should be at least 35 feet long.

Rice: or any material is not allowed to be thrown within the sanctuary or outside of the Church.

Delay: Please note, a late fee of $150 will be charged and the service will be shortened for delays more than 30 minutes. This amount, part of your wedding deposit, will not be refunded.

Music: Your musical selections are played on our church organ or piano by our Musical Director.  If you wish, you may arrange for other musicians to participate, upon our approval.  Common selections are: 

1) Prelude - common pieces are "Ave Maria" by Schubert or Gounod, Chopin's "Arabesque", Brahms' "Intermezzo in Eb" or A, Prelude in C and "Joy of Man's Desiring" by J.S. Bach, etc.  As it is usually necessary to play multiple pieces, this selection does not have to be made explicit in the program and can be left at the discretion of the Music Director if you would prefer. 

2) Party Processional - if you have a party coming in before the bride, it's wise to have two processionals.  The congregation will know when the bride is entering and stand up at this moment.  The two most classic selections are "Canon in D" by Pachelbel or "Joy of Man's Desiring" by J.S. Bach but you can choose a piece that is personal to you as well.

3) Bridal Processional - the most common pieces are Bridal Processional by Wagner or the two processionals listed above.  Other couples choose more personal songs to them like "Make You Feel My Love" by Bob Dylan, for example.

4) Candle Lighting - if you choose to include this ritual in your ceremony, it is nice to have a bit of music while you walk to the candles.  One of the all-time favorites for this moment is "Clair de lune" by Debussy or one of the Brahms Intermezzi in Eb or A. Only about a minute of any one of those will do.  You can also choose a music selection more personal to you.

5) The Recessional - the most classic piece is the "Fanfare" by Mendelssohn or Beethoven's "Ode to Joy" theme.

For all of the above, you have the option to use organ or piano.  The only practical concern about this is that the Music Director needs time to switch from one to the other, so if you choose one instrument for the first processional, that would be the instrument for the second processional.

If the music is not easy to find, the Music Director may ask you to purchase the sheet music.  If the piece is something unfamiliar, there is usually a charge $40 to learn it.  Otherwise, most common selections will be covered in the initial fee.

Marriage License  The church keeps a permanent record of each wedding. It is the wedding couples’ responsibility to provide their Marriage License to the church minister prior to the wedding ceremony.

Reception Facilities

The lounge of the Parish House, located adjacent to the church, is available for small receptions for up to 70 people. A smaller room (Rm. 102) is also available for up to 25 people. The rental fees for the reception facilities are separate from the church rental fee. Please contact our church office for more information.

Alcohol is not permitted except for wine and champagne. Smoking is not permitted within any area of the church building. 

Smaller Receptions
The Parish House provides two rooms that are perfect for receptions under 70 people. The rental fees are $100 per hour for the lounge, and $50 per hour for use of an additional room (No. 102). Kitchen and bathroom facilities are included. There will be an additional charge of $20 per hour for custodial services, which include setting up and cleaning before and after the reception.

Alcohol is not permitted except for wine and champagne. Smoking is not permitted within any area of the church building.

Contact info: For a Saturday reception contact the Church office at (718) 268-6704. These rooms are not available on Sundays

Larger Receptions
The Community House of The Church-in-the-Gardens offers a large, elegant ballroom. It can accommodate musicians, dancing and room for a sit-down dinner for 100 to 150 people. A professional kitchen suitable for catered affairs, a tea room and bathroom facilities are included. A balcony opening onto a lovely garden and lawn is included, weather permitting, is also included.

Alcohol is permitted. Smoking is not permitted within any area of the Community House.

Contact info: For a Saturday reception contact the Community House office directly at (718) 268-7710. For a Sunday reception contact the Church office directly at  (718) 268-6704.

Thank you for considering The Church-in-the-Gardens for your wedding!

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