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We hold a 10:00 am Sunday service every week in person and online (hybrid).

Pre-COVID, we had two services, a 9 am "contemporary" and an 11 am "traditional" service.  The current service has elements of both, with a traditional communion Sunday (with organ and choir) the first Sunday of each month, and a contemporary worship (with praise band) held on the other Sundays.  Children are most welcome.  Free temporary parking passes available from any usher.  We also offer childcare during both services.  Class for children begin at 10:00 am.

The Church-in-the-Gardens is an exciting, stimulating, and challenging place to grow your faith. We are a multi-generational, multi-ethnic congregation. We invite “seekers” new to exploring faithful living, dedicated followers of Christ, people filled with a new enthusiasm and a desire to serve and grow, to join us! We need, and welcome, everyone’s gift. There is a place for you in our fellowship. A spirit of inclusion, and sharing, abound in our congregation.

Our Church Covenant
adopted in 1913

We covenant and agree with each other to unite as a Church of the Lord Jesus Christ, for Christian fellowship, for public worship, and for the advancement of God’s Kingdom in the world. We agree to maintain the institutions of the gospel, to promote the peace and prosperity of the Church, and to walk together in brotherly love.

What kind of church are we?

  • We are a  Congregational United Church of Christ

    Congregationalism is an historic form of church government that emphasizes grass roots democracy, and a form of church life that encourage worshipers to experience their own bond with God.  Prayerful discernment by the church as a whole concerning church directions is an important part of who we are. Our tradition emphasizes the right of each individual to freedom of conscience, guided by the Holy Spirit, in interpreting the scriptures and seeking out God’s guidance. 

  • Our Church is many things. We are…..

A Diverse Body of People Seeking to Love God

Our Church is not just a building. It’s a group of people from all walks of life coming together to worship, fellowship and learn. We welcome those from all branches of Christianity as well as different faiths and encourage each person to maintain their own direct relationship with God.

A Protestant Church

We accept the authority of the scriptures and uphold their principles within the life of the church. We are responsible for our faith, accepting Jesus Christ as Lord. We nurture each believer in his or her own faith within the context of Christ’s church.

A Church with a Purpose

We are united by a shared conviction to live the gospel command to love our neighbor as ourselves. 

A Giving Church

Our focus is Jesus’ focus. We minister to others by following His example.

A Thinking Church

Our Christian Education Programs are based on the teachings of Jesus Christ. Our goal is to gives children a firm foundation so they can establish their own relationship with God. Adults are encouraged to keep an open mind and always look for the truth in ways God has yet to show us

A Community Church

We have served Forest Hills since 1913, and continue to reach out and join in partnership with our neighboring community and other houses of worship.

A Self Governing Church

Authority resides in the body of our members. We govern our church without the interference of the state or outside ecclesiastical authority


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