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Wednesday Prayer Group

Also known as Intercessory Prayer

“The Lord is near to all who call on him, to all who call on him in truth.”
Psalms 145:18

There is something special about getting together with people to pray. The Holy Spirit works its wonder in accordance to God’s great plans. All are welcomed to join our small group. We pray for everything from World Peace to being grateful the car started this morning. An added bonus is fellowshipping with others while witnessing God’s love.
We meet every Wednesday afternoon at 2:00 pm in the Church Lounge located in the Parish House.

A list of prayer requests is provided by the church’s office. Some of the requests come from the blank Prayer Request Cards found in the church pews that are filled out by congregants and placed in the offering plate during Sunday service or mailed in. Other requests come from word of mouth, and some from the news.

These requests may be grouped into categories such as:

  • Guidance for those undergoing hardships or stressful circumstances like job lost, divorce or financial distress.
  • World Healing to stop war, hunger and other tragic events such as earthquakes, blackouts, etc.
  • Personal healing for the terminally ill, victims of life threatening diseases or those suffering as a result of an accident
  • Strength for family and friends as well undergoing bad times
  • Comfort: for those whose loved ones have passed
  • Often we start by listening to meditative music. Sometimes, one of us will share a bible passage or an inspirational piece of writing. Taking these measures sets the tone and helps us to be at one with God. Each person then selects a part from the prayer list. Often a Bible verse is read before leading the group into prayer.

From four to ten persons usually attend the Prayer Group session.

To experience the true power of prayer while fellowshipping with others there is always an open invitation to join the Wednesday afternoon prayer group. Come and behold one of God’s greatest gifts to us; the power of prayer.

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