Adult Fellowship

Our Adult Fellowship program offers numerous opportunities to get to know a familiar face from the church or someone you may have met briefly while shopping on Austin Street.

The most popular event is our Potluck Dinner Soiree held on the 2nd Saturday of each month. Church goers, neighbors and their guests are invited to join in the good eats followed by a movie and lively discussion. We also take full advantage of what’s happening around the neighborhood as well as Manhattan’s diversified choices of concerts, restaurants and museums. Anyone can make a suggestion. Past jaunts have included a Peruvian luncheon hosted by one of the members. Another member invited the group to where he works; The Channel 1 Newsroom. There is no charge to join and every effort is made to keep the cost of trips to a minimum. Events are publicized in Tower Topics, MSN Mailing Group, the Adult Fellowship Bulletin Board and the Church Bulletin.

Why not check out CIG next Adult Fellowship event. Come join us for good company, good eats, a movie or whatever. Feel what it’s like to meet with others under the umbrella of God’s love.

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