Confirmation - Begins September 2017

Our next Confirmation Class begins in September. We will welcome three youth to the class along with three teachers. If you have questions about Confirmation read below or contact the Church Office at 718.268.6704


What is Confirmation?

Confirmation is a time to dig deeper, by helping our young people come to “own” their faith, to make it their own. Confirmation is a learning time to help each person answer questions such as, Do you believe in God and in Jesus?  How do I see God at work in my life? What are my unique gifts? Where might I wish to go in my life and who might I hope to become? What about other religions, why are they different and what does God think about them? These are all questions we’ll ask. And we’ll look honestly at what may bother us about the Christian story, as well as what we find good.

 At the end of the course, the youth will have the opportunity to: 

  1. Write a Statement of Faith
  2. Confirm their faith in Jesus – Do you believe in God and in Jesus?
  3. Become official members of the Church-in-the-Gardens.

The decision to confirm their faith and become official members of the church is one which is deeply personal and each youth must decide for their own through conversation with parents, mentors, teachers and pastor.  There is no preconceived expectation on the congregation’s part that the youth will be confirmed.

 We'll go on field trips and attend, work on service projects and attend a Nightwatch Event at St. John the Divine. 


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